How to dye your hair at home: 8 best secrets

How to dye your hair at home

How to dye your hair at home
How to dye your hair at home

Want to radically change your image? Then change the color of your hair. This is one of the most affordable and fastest ways. In order to properly dye your hair, you do not need to rush to the beauty salon. You can dye your hair at home by reading our article.

Home staining: the products you need
If you want to dye your hair at home, you have at your disposal a whole range of amazing modern products: from ammonia-free dyes to various mousses, tinting shampoos, sprays, etc. However, from the entire range you need to choose only the most necessary and what is right for you. Your choice depends on what result you want to get.

Types of Hair Dyes

A total of three types of hair dyes are distinguished: ammonia-free in two versions and ammonia.

The first means that were used at home and completely painted over gray hair, providing a persistent hair color, were precisely ammonia dyes. However, paint manufacturers all the time focused on more gentle hair coloring. As a result, ammonia-free paints were invented. The main substance in them is hydrogen peroxide. However, such paints, unfortunately, do not have a large covering ability. So, they can not cope with gray hair, and also completely wash off in just 28 uses of shampoo. As a rule, ammonia-free dyes in most cases are used to refresh or maintain the natural shade of hair.

However, ammonia-free persistent dyes with micro-oil complexes were soon invented. With such paints nothing is scary. They are very persistent and paint over gray hair well, have a wonderful aroma.

Exclusive makeup for your hair

If you like to experiment with rather daring and unique images, and dye your hair at home, you have at your disposal special dry and liquid hair crayons. So, for example, with their help you can make the most colorful strands, try on real punk style and much more.

Such crayons are quite simple to use. Just apply one or several shades along the length of the hair, try to highlight the bangs. Then create your own unique image. You can safely experiment with your hairstyle, because such a makeup is washed off after two uses of shampoo.

Shampoos with a touch, special gels and mousses

Today you can safely create your image and dye your hair at home. So, special products for hair make it possible to give shine, refresh the natural shade, etc., for example, shampoos that give a shade, give you the opportunity to try on the color that you had dreamed about for so long. Such shades are washed off in just five applications of ordinary shampoo, because new paints do not penetrate deep into the hair, but only envelop its surface. However, tinted shampoos do not paint over gray hair.

You can also use tinted mousses. There are only two types of such funds. The first has color pigments. These mousses are excellent helpers in the process of styling, give a bright shade and amazing shine to the hair. All that is required of you is to choose a tone that suits you, apply the product on dry hair (from roots to ends). Mousse will be washed off after the first shampoo.

The second group of tinted mousses is intended not only to maintain, but also to restore color. Such mousses are quite easy to use. They are added to shampoos, and then kept on the hair for 15 minutes and washed off with warm water. The effect of hair mousses will last long enough. It is washed off after eight times using shampoo.

There are also tinted gels. They add shine to the hair, add brightness, nourish and moisturize the strands. After six to eight applications of shampoo, the tinted hair gels are washed off.

Sprays for lightening hair

Highly effective in home use, lightening sprays. With their help, you can create easy highlighting. The composition of such products is citrus, chamomile, hydrogen peroxide (up to 4%). All these components have excellent brightening properties.

Like all remedies, sprays are very simple when dyeing hair at home. Separate the strands by two to three centimeters, distribute the product from the roots to the ends of the hair, as well as in depth. Then blow dry them. To consolidate the effect, it is recommended to curl the curls. Indeed, the longer you keep your hair warm, the brighter it will become.

How to choose the right color for hair?

Finding the right shade is easy. So, for example, you can measure wigs, experiment a little with trying on colors using a special computer program, or contact a stylist.

When choosing hair dye, most women pay attention only to the pictures. However, the numbers written on the box play a decisive role, as they show the effect of the paint. The density (depth) of the tone is indicated by a digit before the stroke. The smaller the number, the denser the tone. The color indicates the number located before the line.

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