Hair Coloring Trends 2020-2021

Hair Coloring Trends 2020-2021

Hair Coloring Trends 2020-2021
Hair Coloring Trends 2020-2021

Nowadays it’s hard to find a woman or girl who will never dye her hair. This is not surprising, because changing the color of your hair is the easiest and fastest way to radically change your look: from a classic blonde to a bright brown or hot red. It depends only on the imagination and professionalism of your hairdresser, which color you choose for your transformation. If significant changes are not desired, then you can emphasize the natural beauty of your hair or mask gray hair using dyeing in natural colors.

Modern dyes allow you to perform these beauty experiments and minimize damage to your hair. If hair deteriorates during the dyeing process, they can be repaired using special cosmetics or effective household masks.

On the pages of popular magazines and blogs dedicated to hairdressing fashion, stylists and “star aför hairdressers talked about the coloring trends in 2019.

An interesting innovation in coloring is the “melt color”. This coloring technique has a “speaking adı name: the color in the hair seems to have melted, creating soft gradients that are one or two tones different. This dyeing technique is particularly advantageous when bright colors are selected to change hair color.

Pixel hair coloring is the choice of brave girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. This style technique was invented by Spanish stylists. In pixel dyeing, the hair is dyed in layers using a bright, contrasting color for the mass of hair dye. This is a very complex and time-consuming staining technique, but the result is worth it – a pattern similar to pixels is striking in properly laid wires.

If you want to change the color of your hair, but until you are ready for such bold experiments, you can choose the staining technique of the sticks (otherwise called the öp kiss of the sun)). In this case, a portion of the hair is lightly delicate, the hair appears to have been burned to some extent under the hot sun. Shatusha is particularly advantageous in long hair, because the soft transitions of the color can be seen.

Another tendency of 2020 in hair dye is strokes. When striking, the color of the individual wires changes one or two tones. The wires they want to highlight are illuminated. For example, beautiful high cheekbones underline the strands on the face that are clarified at the same level. If you want to freshen your hair a little, brushing is appropriate.

Color tinting does not lose its position, but it is still fashionable. Coloring in cold light brown tones and chocolate tones is particularly advantageous.

One of the most fashionable and trendy is light brown, speaking of “conservative” hair coloring. The leading paint manufacturers have all the color palettes that allow you to dye your hair in light brown tones: the bulletin, from light yellow to dark.

Regardless of fashion trends, bright, well-groomed hair is considered beautiful. Take good care of your hair and always be beautiful!

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