How to make a hairstyle yourself

How to make a hairstyle yourself
How to make a hairstyle yourself

Every day, you may face a difficult question: how to make a hairstyle yourself? Do I need to go for a walk, try to braid loose, walk, tie my hair to my ponytail, or how do I manage to create a more complex and interesting style in a crazy time shortage in my head?

For long hair owners, this problem seems more complicated if they can make sure girls with short hair do not engage themselves in complex hair styles.

Long flowing hair is uncomfortable, always confused by the wind, tangled, and completely deprived of glamor and glamor look.

Don’t rush to worry: there are actually many simple options that you can easily do your hair yourself. Below are instructions for some of these methods to beautify your hair.

Wire woven braids

The mesh on the four wires looks original and unusual. To weave, follow these instructions:

  • comb the hair thoroughly, then divide it into 4 separate threads;
  • Place the first right strand on the second;
  • the third strand lies first;
  • put the fourth thread under the first.

At this stage, the first line of the die is ready. Similarly, all subsequent lines are touched. By specializing in this weaving method, you can complicate the hair style by taking 5 or 6 strands and acting according to the principle described above.

The advantage of such a braid is that it looks great even on thin and sparse hair, because it adds visual volume to the hair style.

Hair band

There is a very simple and creative option to create an interesting hairstyle using a hair band.

Any scarf, kerchief or ribbon can also act as a bandage.

  • Place the fabric with the middle part at the bottom of the neck;
  • twice the cross of the ends of the substance on the forehead;
  • Take the tips behind the head and connect them to the back of the head.

If your forehead is low, wear a bandage on your forehead; To soften the rounded cheeks outward, slide the bandage up over the hair.

Plus, such a simple setup – record in a short time for construction. At the same time, a well-chosen bandage will bring originality to a casual outfit.

With the help of silk or lace bandages, you can add an image of romance and tenderness, and any feather or spikes will overcome some kind of brutality and audacity.

Hairstyle Babette

You can go back to the cinema classic to make your own original hair style. The next way to tie our hair, we’ll borrow from the heroine, Bridget Bardot, from the movie ette Babette Goes to War ”.

Although the tape was published half a century ago, Babette’s hair style does not lose interest in this day.

  • Mousse should be applied to the hair to straighten the hair and then bark.
  • make a high tail, fasten in two places with an elastic band;
  • place a roller under the tail and fix it on the head using the invisible;
  • lower the tail, secure with an elastic band. Spread your hair so that the roller does not appear;
  • comb the remaining tail. Divide in half and correct with invisibility;
  • portions of the tail must be folded, secured with an invisible part, forming a spring in the center;
  • Finally trim the hairstyle with a rim, ribbon or comb.
    The ideal choice for oval owners Babetta

Babette is an ideal option for owners of oval faces.

If your face has a shape closer to a triangle or rhombus, just add an explosion to Babette.

With the round shape of the face, free wires to the sides should be attached to the explosions.

These 3 simple and very original hairstyle options save you time and money on regular trips to the hair salon or beauty salon. At the same time, you will always remain a stylish and vibrant person in any company. Shape yourself – no problem!

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