Complex Hair Coloring

Complex Hair Coloring

Complex Hair Coloring
Complex Hair Coloring

Every woman at least wants to be a little jealous: her figure, well-groomed nails or stylish curls. For this reason, he buys all kinds of masks, shampoos, medical capsules and dyes his hair. Fashion whispers its own rules, pursuing either a passionate brunette, then a beautiful blonde or a reckless red monster. Complex hair coloring is now becoming fashionable.

What fascinated this magical procedure?

First, with his help it is possible to achieve a funky color and, secondly, to approach the natural color. The natural color of the hair changes periodically under the influence of sunlight: locks can rust, burn, fade. This doesn’t always look right.

A combination of different shades can produce the effect of an unusual color distribution in experienced hairdressers, such as ripe wheat. In this case, the color looks so natural that there is no visible staining.

There are many types of colorful painting. Commonly used:

1- Transition from dark color to soft tips in roots;

2- Shatush – the hairdresser’s alternative is the soft and soft coloration of his hair which is dyed in dark and light wires, so it is understood that the hair burns naturally in the sun.

3- Balayazh – appearance is the choice of hair color under the face oval, such as the length of the haircut. It is painted medium by balancing and then the ends of the hair are visible, so that no sharp discolouration is seen.

4- Bronding – ideal for owners of light curls, but not in a dried yellow shade, ideal for creating luxurious healthy curls. Color is achieved by changing the shades of strands from brown to light yellow with the help of dyes of the same color scheme.

Usually more than three tons of paint is used. Each lock is wrapped in foil so that the colors do not mix. A nourishing mask or firming agent is then applied along the entire hair. The various technologies used in the coloring of strands consist of a mixture of coloring, highlighting and coloring with gradual gradation. This coloring does not harm the hair, gives it a healthy and shiny appearance, makes the curls visually bulky and thick and allows you to produce extraordinary images. The most important thing is not to combine warm tones with cold tones, but it does not look outdated and natural.

Complex painting is a time consuming process, but the effect is worth the time spent. Try it, experiment and always be at the center of attention!

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