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healthy hair 2020

healthy hair
healthy hair

Oddly enough, everyone can have beautiful good curls, and it’s not difficult. In order for them to always look shiny, well-groomed and luxurious, you just need to follow simple tips.

1- Make sure that the curls do not split. Typically, the cross section is due to damage to the protective upper layer of the hair. And this leads to the use of a hairdryer and irons without the use of thermal protective agents. It is imperative to purchase such a tool and trim the cut ends to avoid their further section.

2- For the beauty of hair you need to use vegetable oils. They allow you to moisturize curls and strengthen the tips. The most useful oils are rosemary, jojoba and vetiver. The main thing is not to apply them to the roots of the hair, so as not to make them greasy. Usually apply oil to the pads of the fingers, rub in the palms of the hands and then smooth the hair from the ends to a third of the length.

3- The third tip is more suitable for owners of blond hair. The fact is that it is more difficult for light curls to give shine, since they were discolored. To care for such hair, you need to choose products with a UV – filter, which prevents discoloration and burnout of curls. It is also important that the care products contain vitamins A, C and B1. They will moisturize your hair.

4- Proper shampooing. What includes proper shampooing. First of all, remember that you can not foam the shampoo directly on the hair, as this can damage the curls. Therefore, it is better to foam the shampoo in the palms of your hands and only after that apply on the head. It is also important to wash your hair with warm water rather than hot, as this also harms hair.

5- It is necessary to make nutritious hair masks from time to time in order to nourish them with all the necessary substances. And to make the effect of such procedures even more noticeable, you need to wrap a towel around your head every time you apply a mask to create a greenhouse effect.

6- Water for shampooing is important to soften. To do this, add a few drops of burdock oil to boiled water. You can also add vinegar to the water to add shine to your hair.

7- Proper installation. The fact is that when pulling the strands with an iron, the luster is lost, they become dull. To prevent this from happening, it is important to use an iron with an ionization system that moisturizes the curls and gives them shine. To keep the hair straight for as long as possible, you need to warm the iron to a temperature of 210 degrees.

8- To prevent hair loss, it is important that proteins and amino acids such as methionine, cystine and taurine are present in the daily diet. These substances are present in eggs, fish and dairy products.

9- If your hair is prone to greasy, then to care for such hair you need to use products that contain ichthyol, kaolin, extracts of juniper and dwarf palm. Such substances will allow the hair to stay clean much longer.

10- To avoid the appearance of dandruff, moisturizers and nourishing agents must be used. From time to time you need to use shampoos designed for the scalp.

11- The condition of the hair depends on the state of our immunity. With reduced immunity, a skin fungus may appear, which leads to exfoliation of the cells. In this case, the fight against dandruff should begin with the use of immunomodulating drugs.

12- To keep hair thick, use non-chlorinated water. A swimming pool to visit only with a rubber cap. If the negative effect of chlorinated water cannot be avoided, then oatmeal-based repair masks should be made.

13- If the hair is brittle, then a mask with egg yolk will help to restore them. The yolk contains lecithin and all amino acids necessary for healthy hair. Beat one yolk and rub it into the roots of the hair. To give shine to the hair, rinse after a masochka with infusion of burdock or heather.

14- If you are used to sleeping in curlers, it is better to use foam rubber. Combing the curls should be a wooden brush. This is useful for curls.

15- And the last tip for those who love curls – do not comb your hair while it is wet. Wet hair is better to tear and damage. Wait until they dry, comb, and then with the help of foam make styling.

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