How can we make our hair brighter?

How can we make our hair brighter?

hair brighter
hair brighter

Admittedly, any woman or girl dreams of beautiful and shiny hair, and in general it is quite possible to achieve, but of course, you will have to try a lot because it is not so easy to achieve this result. If the hair is usually dyed and also subjected to some harmful treatments, then it will be difficult to obtain shine. However, in general, it should be noted that such an effect can be achieved after the keratin is straightened, but this process is not useful for hair.

How to achieve hair shine:

Thanks to the health products you can cook with your own hands, you can achieve a natural and beautiful shine. For example, finding recipes for good masks is fortunately very easy because you only need access to the internet. The simplest mask for shiny hair is made from ordinary quail or chicken eggs. However, you must first remove a few egg yolks. If the hair is too long, the eggs will need much more. Before applying the yolks to them, you must first stir or shake them with a broom or blender. Then this egg mass should be applied to the head, rub against the roots and distributed in such a way that the yolk remains the entire length. After waiting for fifteen to thirty-five minutes of egg medicine in your head, you can wash the eggs from your hair.

A simple pharmacy daisy is an excellent tool for hair treatment and you will be able to achieve a natural shine after just a few treatments. For this it is best to use a chamomile with whole and very beautiful flowers, because you can not buy powdered chamomile for treatment. When such a chamomile is found and purchased, you need to buy exactly enough spoons of dry flowers and pour them with about 1 liter of boiling water, if the hair is too long, it is better to brew three tablespoons with half a liter of plain water. A medical infusion of chamomile must be infused for a long enough time, so the drug must be infused in advance. The remedy should persist somewhere for a total of about three hours, and then the medication from the daisy flower should be filtered. Then you need to wash your hair well and only clean hair you need to apply this daisy. First you need to pour over the head with chamomile infusion and rub it on the roots, then you have to distribute the remaining product along the length of the hair. After such a useful treatment, it will be unnecessary to wash this product off your head, just dry your hair with a hair dryer or let it dry. Twice a week, it is advisable to do this kind of health care, even three times. Even after such beneficial treatments, the hair will become much stronger and will stop breaking as well as separating.

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