How to keep the volume and beauty of the hairstyle in the cold season

2020 Hairstyles and haircuts for ladies over 40

2020 Hairstyles and haircuts for ladies over 40
2020 Hairstyles and haircuts for ladies over 40

With the onset of cold weather, you may encounter a problem when you need to wear a hat, but you don’t really want to, since the hairdo spoils under the hat. It should be noted that, being on the street in the cold season without a hat, you risk not only getting sick, but also getting a variety of hair problems that will be difficult to solve. Do you need it? That’s right, why risk health and beauty if you can wear a hat and not think about it. But what to do if, coming to work or to another place, I want to look beautiful, and not have a head of hay instead of a hairstyle on my head?

To always be on top, you need to follow a few simple rules and then your hairstyle in winter will always be perfect.

  • Never go outside with wet hair. If you do this, removing your hat can scare others. Therefore, wash your hair in the evening, and not before going out.
  • To prevent the hair from getting electrified, get a bottle of rose oil. Before combing, apply a drop to the comb. Rose oil tends to remove statistical energy.
  • In the cold season, try to use shampoo and other products marked “For volume”. So your hair will look more magnificent.
  • As an option, use artificial hair on hairpins, they are not afraid of temperature changes and they can be safely used at any time of the year.
  • Try to devote more time to your hair: do firming masks and massage, the use of a hairdryer and curling iron should be minimized – now it is very harmful.
  • Diversify your diet: fruits, vegetables and cereals should be frequent guests at your table.
Blonde hair color long bob haircut 2020-2021
Blonde hair color long bob haircut 2020-2021

If you have a short haircut, then always carry a styling tool with you. When you remove the cap – just straighten the hair with this tool. If you wear a fringe, before you put on the hat you need to lift it up so that the volume remains after the hat. Long hair is best collected in a ponytail. After you remove the headgear and loosen the “tail”, your hairstyle will return to its original form.

Some irresponsible women think that if you lock the curls with a large amount of varnish, then you can maintain the shape and beautiful appearance of the hairstyle in winter. But this is absolutely not the case – the cap will squeeze the hair and, after that, they will look more like a helmet than a spectacular hairstyle. Eliminate latches for the winter.

If the hat brings you complete disappointment, try wearing a beautiful scarf. Some women wear shawls in such a way that they will not agree to any other hats. Maybe you should try it too? Do not refuse in advance, perhaps you do not suspect that you are among these women. Remember that without health there will be no beauty. Take care of yourself and be beautiful in any, even extreme conditions!

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