10 tips to keep your hair healthy and strong

Keep your hair healthy and strong

hair healthy and strong 2020
hair healthy and strong 2020

Now they write a lot about how to properly care for hair. There are many tips on this topic. Some of them are useful, others have almost no effect on the result, and others are frankly harmful. Here are 10 of the most common recommendations to keep your hair strong and healthy.

1- Shampoo should not be changed frequently.

In fact, the scientists have not yet been able to establish the reason, but practice shows that hair is able to get used to the cosmetic products that you use. That is why changing the shampoo after the bottle is over is not worth it. Just buy exactly the same.

2- The balm should be in the same series with shampoo.

Use balm if you are the owner of dry and thick hair. If they are fatty – do not complicate the situation. In addition, for dry hair, it is better to use a cream or mask that will be more effective than balm.

3- Self-dyeing hair is always a risk.

Even if you follow all the instructions that are indicated on the package and did not encounter any problems, there was still a risk. It is better to turn to a good hairdresser – he has considerable experience and will help you change your hair color faster and better.

4- Olive oil strengthens hair.

Some women, after using such a remedy, do not observe a particular positive effect. But, in any case, there was no evidence of harm. The problem appears only in cases where you need to wash off olive oil from the hair. At such a moment, you need to rub them quite thoroughly, which, in turn, increases the risk of mechanical damage to the hair.

5- Lemon juice gives shine.

It’s true. Lemon juice, like all acids similar to it in action of acid, gives shine to the hair, because it has beneficial effects on the properties of water.

6- Hair must be rinsed without fail with cold water.

For a long time it was believed that cold water helps close pores on the scalp and helps strengthen hair. However, scientists still have not really proven anything.

7- Try to use a hairdryer less often.

Of course, now this device is used by women everywhere. But, at the same time, it is advisable to use hot air as little as possible. The heat excessively dries the hair, making it light, brittle and dull. Try to get a hairdryer, using which you can control the temperature well.

8- Shampoo against hair loss is best used periodically.

Shampoos and, in general, anti-hair loss remedies cannot be used continuously. The process of getting rid of dying hair is considered normal. In addition, do not forget that in spring and autumn hair falls out more intensively. Preventive means aimed at combating hair loss, it is advisable to use at intervals of 3 months.

9- If the ends are split, then the hair stops growing.

This is a false statement. Hair grows from the roots, and the state of their ends does not affect the basic processes at all. A little trimming gives the hair a healthy look, but is in no way associated with growth.

10- If the scalp itches, this is a sign of dandruff.

Quite possible. If your head begins to itch, it means that your skin has become dry and begins to peel off. As a result of this phenomenon, dandruff may appear. But, before you start using cosmetics against her, make sure that the problem is not with the cosmetics that you are currently using. Many cases have been reported in which the ingredients of the shampoos used irritated the scalp. And after they stopped using them, the problem disappeared by itself.

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