9 secrets of correct hair washing

Secrets of correct hair washing 2020

Every girl believes she knows the answer. In fact, there are a few secrets that will help improve your appearance considerably. Are you ready to discover the secrets of washing hair together?

9 secrets of correct hair washing

1) The finer the hair, the faster it will remove dirt and dust from the area. Therefore, girls with fine hair should wash their hair daily to look beautiful. Fortunately, due to the nature of their structure, they dry almost instantly, which doesn’t take much time to wash your hair, and you’ll never be late, even if you wash your hair before working.

2) The hair should be washed and not in front of it. This is because the scalp is first soiled and then only the hair.

3) Shampoo should be selected according to the scalp, not the scalp. This is the answer for girls with oily scalp and dry crisp hairs. Usually the scalp and hair type are the same. Such a significant difference can only occur if the hair structure is severely damaged due to frequent and incorrect coloring or continuous use of hair styling products. The problem goes away automatically when your hair is healed. Experts claim that the head is dirty and then all the oil and dirt after the comb is evenly distributed throughout the hair. They recommend applying shampoo only to the scalp and the required amount of shampoo is transmitted to the hair during rinsing.

4) Most girls know, but it’s worth noting that you can’t keep wet hair together and sleep with a wet head, because all scales appear on wet hair, and even emerge with minimum pressure from outside, and on girls As a result, the hair is not cut and attractive . Of course, some may claim that hairdressers in beauty salons calmly comb customers before styling their wet hair and see nothing wrong with it. But it’s not their hair, it’s yours, they just don’t care, they’re paying attention to their hair, because their beautiful hair styles from healthy shining health are a business card and proof of their professionalism.

5) First of all you need to foam the shampoo in the palm, but then it should be applied to the scalp. There is not much to explain and nothing to do, just do it right, take it as a kind instruction for the use of shampoo.

6) Shampoo should be applied only to the scalp and other care products such as balsam or masks only on the hair, especially for long hairstyles, at least five centimeters from the roots.

7) The pores of the head, which trigger the appearance of dandruff and hair loss, are clogged. It is impossible to get dandruff, although most people seem to be mushrooms. It is caused by the coincidence of three conditions: oily scalp, clogged pores and weak immunity. But it’s clear to be with an irregular person with dandruff and clothes on his head. You must do everything possible, so you’re not the one who is.

8) Itching, feeling of tension, snow flakes, white scales, as is generally believed, not oily symptoms, sensitive skin symptoms, so remember that the appropriate shampoo.

9) After the cutting is finished, the general thinning of the hair starts. Therefore, in order not to make advertising promises, the cut edges must be cut mercilessly – it is impossible to heal them. If this is not done, the hair will begin to become thinner, appearing less common and hanging the wrong icicles, disrupting the overall appearance. As a result, you will need to cut more centimeters.

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