How to repair damaged hair

How to repair damaged hair?

How to repair damaged hair
How to repair damaged hair

In our quest for beauty, we regularly damage our appearance. Our hair is particularly affected. Frequent styling, curling, drying, hair straightening, hair coloring are then black and then blond. All these manipulations cause great damage to the hair. We break the structure of the hair inside. They start to look lifeless, dull. Let’s talk about how to protect and renew your hair without ruining your wallet.

First of all, masks will help your hair. You need to make burdock-based masks on a regular basis, they can be purchased at any pharmacy and are cost-effective. Also make egg masks, such a mask can be easily done at home: Take three egg yolks, mix with honey and apply evenly to the scalp, leave for half an hour. Preferably rinse with homemade plant tincture. It’s as easy to do at home. To do this, it is enough to collect a large amount of burdock root, simmer for half an hour on low heat, leave in a dark place until the tincture cools down.

If the hair starts to shed too much, the mask of mustard powder will help you. You should buy mustard powder from a normal market for this mask. Remove three tablespoons of mustard stains, add honey and slurry using warm water. Carefully apply this mask without touching the ends of the hair, apply to the roots for 25-20 minutes. Then it should be washed with a nettle solution.

Such a solution would require both dried and fresh nettle from the garden. After collecting a small nettle, pour boiled water and allow to infuse in a dark place until it cools.

Strong beer helps your hair heal. To do this, take 0.5 liters of strong beer, wash your hair, leave for half an hour, then rinse everything with your usual shampoo.
You can also make an onion mask, for which you need onion juice, it is applied to the roots and left for 30 minutes. Do not worry about the smell, a glass of warm, boiled water, take half a teaspoon of vinegar and wash your head. There will be no trace of the smell of onions.

Especially try not to dry your long hair, let it dry naturally. In no case should wet hair be combed.

Use only mild shampoos to wash your hair. Use air conditioning. Use wooden clove comb. They not only damage the hair, but also give a light head massage. Do not paint your head often. Feed your hair with fruit masks. Take a ripe banana to do this, peel it. Put in a mixer, add honey, beat some aloe juice and mask ready. Apply this mask for 40-45 minutes.

It should be noted that the beauty of the hair depends directly on your health. Drink vitamins regularly, eat nuts, fill the body’s iron source. It is not worth it to braid your hair very tightly, and it is not worth it to make complex hair frequently. Your hair should rest as much as possible. Strengthen your body. Spend more time outdoors. Go to the gym.

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