What Vitamins to Drink for Hair Loss

Hair Loss 2020

Hair Loss
Hair Loss

When hair regrowth or maintaining a healthy appearance bothers the girl, she begins to wonder what vitamins should be drunk during hair loss, what to eat and drink to stop their loss. Normally, a person should lose hair daily. Only their number should not exceed 100 per day. Although it is better that this figure be close to 20.

When the hair falls out strongly, there is no trace of thick hair and a trace. Bald patches, hairless patches on the head may appear. And the hair itself becomes somehow lifeless, as if it were not natural, but synthetic from a wig. Especially clearly, such changes appear in the spring, when the supply of vitamins from summer or autumn runs out. And there’s still a lot of time before new fruits and vegetables. Then you need to take vitamins. By the way, vitamins can be used not only inside to strengthen hair, but also used as additional components in masks.

Causes of hair loss

First you need to find the reason. After all, if you exclude it, then, perhaps, you will not have to drink anything. Or vitamins will only improve the condition and beauty of your hair.

  1. Shampoo. It is wrong to choose a shampoo or balm, as the hair will immediately respond to it and begin to climb in shreds, leaving the “unfavorable place” of their “habitat”. Shampoo can be for your hair type, and the shelf life is not over, and a series of professional cosmetics with an untwisted brand, but it will not be suitable for your hair. This is purely individual. Try to change not only a series of shampoo, but also the manufacturer. Often, even dandruff and itching of the scalp are an indicator that cosmetics for hair is not suitable. Read the composition. The more “heavy chemistry” there is, the greater the chances. That your hair will leave your head.
  2. Lack of vitamin or malnutrition. Most often, vitamin deficiency is accompanied by crumbling nails and hair loss. One has only to fill your diet with healthy and nutritious food, start taking complex preparations, as the condition of the skin and its derivatives improves significantly.
  3. Manipulations with hair. Now admit, are you sinners in dyeing hair, using a curling iron, hairdryer or ironing? Wrong combing your hair? Do not wear hats in summer and winter? Do not protect your hair from frost and wind? Here you go. Your hair “took revenge” and left you. Tight and complex hairstyles will also lead to hair loss. It is worth reviewing her disrespectful attitude to the hair, as she will answer you with gratitude, becoming beautiful and healthy, with strong roots and not split ends.
  4. Stress. Nerves, who are good from them? Also, lack of sleep and overwork can affect the external condition of the hair.
  5. Diseases, especially infectious. Influenza, SARS, ARI and other infections can lead to waste of hair.
  6. Failure of the hormonal background. As soon as one of the endocrine glands starts to malfunction, problems immediately begin in all areas of the skin and their derivatives. Everything will begin to crumble, crumble, break, peel, fall off.

Vitamins necessary to stop hair loss

Rewrite yourself a list to know what vitamins to drink with hair loss.

  1. Vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid.
  2. Vitamin E.
  3. Vitamin H (biotin), indispensable for hair and nails, aka B7.
  4. Iron and zinc are needed.

It is not necessary to buy complex pills. Enough to enrich your diet with products that contain everything you need. Ascorbic acid is full in citrus fruits, plums, kiwi and even pears. Vitamin H not only helps restore beauty and health to the hair, but also helps to lose weight. Enough of it is found in carrots, tomatoes, liver or peanuts.

It will also be useful to eat cauliflower. Zinc helps prevent hair loss. Love cheese and seafood, as well as legumes. Copper will help preserve the natural color of hair, preventing gray hair from appearing. It is full in cereals, bakery products, legumes and squid. Also, a lot of it is found in nuts, mushrooms (forest), vegetables and even shrimp.

But if you do not want to constantly remember which product is rich in what, you can buy multivitamin complexes. Of course, proper nutrition is better. Natural vitamins and macro- and microelements are absorbed faster and better than pharmacy “analogues”. For example, Alphabet, Aurita, Revalid, Supradin, Vitrum Beauty and other complex preparations. There are special beauty products that have special components that are directed either to the hair, or to the teeth, or to the nails. You need to choose the necessary. Vitamins for pregnant or lactating women may also be suitable. They are full of everything you need.

You can take vitamins separately (this is even better, especially when taking 2 hours breaks between meals). The fact is that some vitamins, even of the same group (for example, group B) cannot always be “friends” with each other. Of course, manufacturers try to shove everything into 1 tablet or capsule. The main thing for them to sell. But you need to regain your hair and beauty. Therefore, do not stint, purchase separately all the necessary vitamins. Of course, you will have to take more tablets, but there will be more sense from this. Do not forget, for a visible result, a course of treatment is necessary.

Rubbing nicotinic acid solution into clean scalp daily helps. Better at night. So the blood will rush to the roots of the hair, the bulbs will hold on tight. Hair will not only stop falling out, but new ones will start to grow. And the length will noticeably increase. The course is a month. Then a month break. The most amazing thing is that during the “rest” from the nicotine hair continues to grow.

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