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hair strong

According to statistics, every third client of a beauty salon complains of weak dull hair, split ends, lack of shine and elasticity. Note that only 10% of them “inherited” such a state from nature. 90% of people with their own hands made their curls lose their former vitality. What is the reason? Can hair be restored to health?

Unbalanced nutrition, constant snacking, stress, the habit of walking without a hat in the winter, hormonal breakdowns, frequent aggressive staining, sudden weight loss … This is not a complete list of reasons that affect the condition of the hair, its structure. If measures are taken in time, they can be restored with the help of professional cosmetics and specially selected treatments that reconstruct the hair from the inside. For example, Sexy Hair’s Strong line with a unique amino acid complex, mango oil, aloe vera extract and oat peptides is designed exclusively for fragile damaged hair. 5 remedies – shampoo, conditioner, indelible remover, mask and balm for sealing split ends – are able at home to restore hair vitality, health. Means prevent hair fragility by 80% after the first application! By the way, the effectiveness of the line with mango oil was highly appreciated by the popular singer, composer, soloist of the band “Guests from the Future” Eva Polna. Being a blonde, Eva regularly dyes her hair. After aggressive chemical exposure, her curls need high-quality professional care at home.

An integrated approach is important in hair restoration. One makeup (no matter how high-quality it may be) the situation with the “killed” curls, alas, can not be saved. A large role is played by a balanced diet rich in protein, since it is keratin protein that is the main building material of hair. Meat, fish, poultry, and legumes must be present in the diet. About “fast food” must be forgotten and excluded! Apples, peanuts, liver, sesame oil will make up the deficiency of iron and zinc in the body, which are essential for maintaining healthy and elastic hair.

If you notice that the hair began to split, fall out, lose strength and begin to lose its thickness, stop using any kind of styling products for a while, use less (or better exclude) ironing, hair dryers, curling irons. Hot styling will serve as a “heat stroke” and will harm already weakened hair.

Life hack from supermodels of the world, whose curls can be envied, despite the daily podium styling: instead of a towel, use ordinary old cotton T-shirts to squeeze hair after washing. Towel – hard, can damage the structure. T-shirt, on the contrary, its smooth surface delicately dries hair. When you are at the sea or visiting the pool, always wear a hat, as chlorine and salt water “injure” your hair, and use silicone-free shampoo when washing.

If you follow the basic rules of hair care, eat right, use quality time-tested cosmetics for home care, you can restore the health of curls and eliminate problems with them in the future.

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