13 causes of split ends

13 causes of split ends

split ends
split ends

The split ends are visible with the naked eye – the hair is split at the end, dry and tangled. They seem groomed and weakened. What are the reasons that hair is split? Remember that with a combination of several reasons, the likelihood that they will delaminate at the ends increases significantly.

1- For reasons that do not depend on you: stress, poor ecology, taking certain medications. There is nothing to be done, you just have to reconcile and try to minimize all other harmful effects.

2- Water. Of course, first of all, it is chlorinated water. Many Hollywood stars prefer to wash their hair and wash with bottled water, but not everyone can afford it. You can advise a recipe for the Soviet era – to defend water, and then wash your hair with it. Of course, first of all you will see a terrible sediment, and you will understand that it’s not in vain that you bother. Conscientious owners defend water even before watering plants, this is a very affordable and budgetary method. If the funds allow, then you can buy water from wells or put water purifiers.

Do not forget about the harmful effects of sea water. Definitely, after swimming in the sea, the hair should be washed with running water, trying to wash the salt. You do not want to return from vacation with hair similar to a washcloth.

3- The effect of ultraviolet radiation and cold. And in the first and in the second case, the presence of a headdress is mandatory. Remember that nothing spoils your hair so much as the influence of subzero temperature, especially if you go without a hat. Of course, snowflakes in your hair and all that is beautiful, but then you will have to treat not only the common cold, but also the hair. It is also worth to hide your hair from the sun. Of course, many, especially young girls, dream of getting natural highlighting for free, preferring that their hair burn out in the sun at least a little during the summer. But just as the sun spoils your hair, not a single master will spoil them when dyeing. It’s better to go to a beauty salon and get “glare of the sun” on your hair artificially than to treat your hair for a long time.

4- Diets. Of course, an unbalanced diet and lack of essential vitamins greatly spoil the hair, I think that you also noticed what really healthy, fluffy and shiny hair is in full girls.

5- Improper staining, lightening and perm. Everyone knows that in the process of bleaching, pigment is washed out of the hair and voids remain in its place. That is why the hair becomes dry, brittle and porous.

6- Using a hairdryer. Hot air spoils hair a lot. Of course, I want to wash my hair before work, dry it and go to work with a beautiful and fresh styling. But, unfortunately, it is very harmful to the hair. The only way out is to dry your hair a little with a hairdryer, leaving it slightly moist and letting it dry naturally. Because, unfortunately, if you have not completely dried your hair and begin to collect it in a hairstyle or braid, this also leads to the fact that the hair begins to split. Also very harmful to the condition of the hair is the habit of going to bed with a wet head.

7- If you grow long hair, be prepared for the fact that you will still always have split ends, this is due to the life cycle of the hair. Also, if the hair is longer than 30 cm, it tends to break under the weight of its own weight.

8- Remember that in no case should you comb your wet hair because the hair shaft is injured.

9- Use hair straightener for dirty hair.

10- Often, the cross-section of hair begins already at the time of cutting, because not every hairdresser has expensive professional tools. Make sure that the master cut off the cut ends for your dry hair, and he should not pull the hair tightly and the scissors should go smoothly without pressure. Of course, rarely does anyone want to do everything according to the rules, because usually the happy owners of long hair come to cut their ends and the main goal of the master is to get you as a client so that you come to him again and again, because first of all he needs to pay an expensive rent, and if you do not make haircuts, then he can earn money for you only if you come to him often. If you are confident in the professionalism of the master, ask him to graduate – this will not only make your strands easier, but also ensure that you forget about split ends for at least 9-12 months.

11- In no case do not cut the ends with a machine, as if the master would not persuade you. The machine flattenes and simply cuts the ends, so it is advisable that you cut your hair with good expensive scissors with a sliding cut.

12- Since the length of the hair is heterogeneous and the hair is different along the entire length, in this case, the split ends of the hair are very noticeable, especially if they are gathered in an intricate hairstyle. And very often masters offer a new service – hair polishing. Try not to succumb to fashion trends and do not make it yourself, unfortunately, after cutting with a special polishing nozzle, your hair will be cut off much faster and after a couple of months will look so terrible that you will simply be forced to repeat this procedure.

13- Grandma’s methods. Many Soviet encyclopedias give advice to comb your hair at least 100 times. And modern girls often unconditionally follow him, because of which they simply injure their hair and they become very brittle. It’s just that many people forget that in Soviet times it was customary to rarely wash hair, not more than once every 2 weeks, and combing hair many times, our grandmothers simply distributed skin fat from the head along the entire length of the hair. Of course, this helped a lot, especially for those whose hair is oily at the roots and dry at the ends. But in modern realities, few people wash their hair less than once every few days, and therefore this advice becomes not only not useful, but also quite harmful.

Remember that there is still no way to prevent cross-section of hair once and for all, and hair requires careful constant care using good masks and professional products.

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