Suitable hair styles and secrets without leaving home

Suitable hair styles 2020

Suitable hair styles 2020
Suitable hair styles 2020

You probably dream of well-styled hair like a hairdresser, but you don’t always find time to make an appointment at the salon. Don’t be disappointed! Thanks to our advice, you can create the perfect hair style and look without leaving your home.

Step 1: Gently dry your hair

When leaving the shower, try to gently dry your hair with a cotton towel or T-shirt, rather than wiping or wrapping hard on conventional turbans. This will prevent the appearance of sloppy strands. Then apply a small potion of argan oil on the hair, from the middle to the ends, so that they are soft and well moisturized.

Step 2: Drying and Restoring

Tilt your head and direct the flow of air from the hair dryer to the root hair by connecting the strands with your fingers. Finish drying when the hair is still slightly moist. If you have wavy hair, apply keratin restorative oil to emphasize their natural shape.

Step 3: Do the styling

Using a comb with large teeth, divide the hair into four pieces on the top, sides and back (from one ear to the other). Fix the hair to each of the sections, except the ones behind. If there is a bang, first give it a fixed shape using a small round brush. Then pay attention to the bristles on the sides – wrap the wires on a round brush for medium thickness, keep it about 4 cm away from the roots (in case of dry hair, a bristle brush made from pig bristles is ideal; fine hair).

The choice of combs for forming is very important because it depends on whether your style works. On the site, you can choose a comb to give your professional style to cheap. It’s important not to save money, because a quality comb gives your hair style an elegant look and massages your head, improves blood circulation in the tissues and helps to open the strands. A low-quality comb can increase the number of split tips, and over time the hair will fade and become lifeless.

If you have curly or thick hair, then choose a large comb that is wide, but not thick. If you have long hair, if you are susceptible to tangling and split ends, then choose a natural bristle brush. If you have thin hair, you should choose a narrow comb, where you can give the hair volume and density. Weak and fine hairs do not need to be combed for long periods of time, as this can cause an increase in split ends and brittle hair.

Step 4: End

Repeat the process by treating the left and right lines as well as the top lines in the same way. Use a large brush to styling the back hair and a smaller brush to model the hair around the face. After processing all strips, direct a stream of cold air to the wires to give them a beautiful shine. Finally, cover the wires with high-quality varnish to make a hairstyle without irritating your hair and you can already enjoy the result!

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