Important warnings for healthy, strong hair 2020

Healthy and strong hairstyles

Today, almost every girl faces hair loss, split ends, brittle and dry hair. And that’s not all the problems most girls are trying to fight.

The reasons for unhealthy hair are numerous. First of all, a bad environment. Unfortunately, it is difficult to correct, so you have to endure this state of the environment.

You should also consider which shampoo you use. Do not save a detergent for your hair as it is an important point for care. Use shampoos that contain a useful source of plants such as nettle, burdock root and birch. For oily or dry hair, buy balsams and conditioners suitable for your hair type (eg for split ends, against hair loss). Also, it should be noted that only shampoo and conditioner will be scarce, because it contains very little useful substance, because it is only a means to clean the hair. Shampoo should be changed every two months. Alternatively at least two or three shampoos that are most suitable for you.

Try to use less iron, hairdryer, curling iron. They dry the hair, make it dry and make it brittle. Because of these devices, even healthy hair will begin to separate and it will be difficult to get rid of this problem. Here only scissors will help you, because the cut ends can no longer be bonded together. If you still need to use an iron or curling iron, get heat-resistant hairspray. Each hair is covered with an invisible film and your curls are less damaged. In general, if you use the above devices, then you should use a moisturizing spray on a daily basis, for example even at home, for example using lemon juice.

Make a hair mask twice a week. If you have a hair problem, make a mask to help you get rid of it. In general, if your hair is tidy, there is no reason to forget to leave. Then make different masks in order. The best base for the mask is burdock oil. It can be mixed with castor oil, olives and other oils. You can use it separately. You can also add honey, egg yolks, lemon juice to the mask. You can also use masks to accelerate hair growth, so you won’t be worried about leaving with aching tips. For growth, make a mask with pepper tincture and mustard. These masks burn the scalp, cause blood to flow and thus böylece wake uyku the sleep lamps.

Not only are masks useful for hair, but they are also rinsed with respect to plants. The best way to strengthen it is to rinse off with a stinging nettle. It is enough to collect a small amount of plant leaves and pour them into a glass of boiling water. Allow this composition to infuse for several hours. During this time, the nettle will release the beneficial substances. You should rinse your hair with burdock infusion to combat loss. Nettle can be prepared on the same principle as water or you can buy at the pharmacy. It’s cheap. Rinse your hair with a decoction of birch leaves to polish your hair.

Try less with your curls. Try removing the stain. As a rule, once you dye your hair, you will dye it again, because no one will like the regenerated roots of your natural color or you will have to wash the dye with special means, which will further damage your hair. If you still decide to paint, use quality oil-based paints. No need to save.

Cheap low-quality dyes will damage your hair greatly and you may not even get the color you want. You should also try shampoos, sprays, conditioners. If you have chosen a good remedy for yourself, it is better to use. Do not use hair care products from unknown manufacturers. Always refer to the production date and expiration date. If you suspect the quality of the product, do not use it even if, for example, a strange smell, color, texture, or expiration date has not passed.

Healthy hair is not a reason to forget to take care of them. Prevention does not harm anyone. If you follow simple rules, you will always have beautiful and well-groomed hair.

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