Which hair trends will be preferred in 2020?

hair trends 2020

hair trends 2020
hair trends 2020

New year, new style, new hairstyle and color … How do you think the idea? Get started with trends to make small or big changes to your hairstyle!

When you think of following trends only if you think of the world of fashion, you are in the opposite direction. You must show the necessary importance to your hair as well as your clothing style, which forms a large part of your beauty. Be the first to know what changes to models, colors, and maintenance will change!

Which length and cut models will be at the forefront in 2020?

Medium-length haircuts, which are known as len Midlength or, remain popular. In this cut, hair can be given layers that surround and ovalize the face. We adjust the neck to the shape of the face, the length of the neck and the bone structure.

What colors … Which color will be able to stand out from the others?

This year, we are witnessing a warmer yellow and brown tones. Transitive applications such as Brushlight illuminated by natural highlights with two-tone hair continue. This season, our favorite color chart is Toffee Brown, a sweet medium brown, and Desertred, which resembles burnt desert shades.

Which hairstyles should be preferred to have natural yet glamorous hair?
First of all, there should be no hard layers in the haircut for naturalness. We have a special cutting technique called Cut Ghost Cut ız. Victoria’s Secret models were our inspiration in this segment. Their hair, which adds softness to their expressions with indistinct coats … Of course, natural sparkles are also very important. You can give a bright and healthy look to your face with the highlights applied on the right parts of your hair.

Will the bun models gain a different comment this year?

Bun models are not very tight and clear, but this season continues. Especially the natural knobs that complement your face shape are popular.

Which hair accessories will show?

Metal buckles, mace combs and crowns are back in the 90s. In fashion weeks, we see that these accessories are used alone without using any other jewelry. Can be used with a simple ponytail. Also popular with velvet ribbons and flexible horse tails this season.

Will there be a cure for care like Keratin?

Although keratin care still maintains its timeliness, its application is very laborious and touches the parts where the hair is lightened rather than damaging. Already no longer flat, natural hair does not stop much of the fashion. In Garage Hair Repair Studio, we have an application called Gar Calming care.. It is made at a lower temperature and the mixture is healthier. It nourishes hair with keratin and other protein extracts.

Which factors depend on the healthy growth of hair?

You should regularly care for your hair to grow healthy and avoid hair products prepared with sulfate-like ingredients that dry the hair. Since your hair is a natural organism, the ingredients that will penetrate and heal the best are natural herbal extracts like itself. To do this, we have developed the Garage Organics hair care line from Europe, which certifies organic hair. You can apply our products called Hair Serum and Hair Balm to your hair as a hair mask before bathing. These products give your hair the moisture it lost and deeply nourish it. It is also very important that you do not break your hair after combing and styling with heat.

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