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hair repair
hair repair

Restoring burnt hair helps restore its beauty and healthy appearance. It happens that they bought a new paint, overexposed. And as a result, the hair became dry, lifeless. Real haystack. Stick out in all directions. And no irons help to return them to the “system” of smooth and straight hair.

In addition to paints, hair can be irons, curling irons, hair curlers or hair dryers. Too frequent use of them without proper hair care after (and without using a special means of protection from high temperatures) also leads to inevitable “death”.

Burnt hair does not apply to any styling. Combing them leads to tears, because the curls become stiff, break. The ends are split. In general, a complete nightmare. And what to do? Is it possible to cut it? But this is too radical a way.

Of course, you can go to the salon, give huge amounts of money, so that professionals can do your hair. But, firstly, this is not a one-time procedure. You will have to spend not a small amount of money. Secondly, this is the time. It will be necessary to cut free hours to visit the master. Although you can restore your hair at home, on your own. And it will cost much cheaper. However, the choice is yours. But for your acquaintance, nevertheless, we will provide some effective ways to restore exhausted and burned hair.

Hair restoration plan

  1. No matter how sorry you are, you still have to go to the hairdresser to cut off the ends (from 3 to five centimeters). The tips are most difficult to repair. Therefore, it is better to get rid of them right away. It will be easier to restore shine and life to your hair. In addition, cutting with hot scissors will help prevent further separation of the hair. Therefore, your hairdo will look a little tidier.
  2. Washing and drying. You will have to choose a gentle means for washing your hair. They must be washed very carefully so as not to damage or break them even more. Before applying shampoo to them, moisten them thoroughly. Do not hold it under running water for a minute, as usual, but at least five minutes. Then, with gentle movements, lather your head. And so rinse thoroughly and for a long time. Water should not be hot. But also very cool will not completely wash away chemicals from the hair. Best indoor or a little warmer. After shampoo, a balm is necessary. Also select for loose hair, dry or damaged. Balm and shampoo from the same series. Also, hold not 3 minutes, but a good half hour to nourish and moisturize your hair. And not what they did – and immediately rinse off.

Do not rinse the balm to the end. This will help protect the hair from external factors, give it a shiny look and make it a little more docile. Do not use hair dryers. Or at least cold air at a great distance from the head. And not until the end. Let your hair dry naturally. Do not rub with a towel. Just blot it lightly. Remove excess moisture.

3. Protect from the sun, frost, wind. Otherwise it will only get worse.

4. And the last step is the masks. Only their regular use will help restore its former beauty and health. Masks can be purchased. But it is better to make home-made from various improvised components that you either already have, or are easily and cheaply purchased in a store or pharmacy.

Masks for hair restoration

Restoration of burnt hair should not be limited to one or two masks. Here you need a course and regular application to the hair of a wide variety of components.

  1. Oil. The most popular oil masks. They can not only restore hair, but also give them volume, shine, accelerate their growth, “glue” the tips, remove dandruff. And all this is possible with the use of masks from a wide variety of oils. The most commonly used burdock or castor. But other vegetable ones will do: olive (an excellent universal moisturizer), linseed, and how many essential oils are used as a base? A great many. mix oils with each other, do not be afraid to look for a new combination.

The main thing is regularity. 2 times a week minimum, and maximum – before each shampoo at least for an hour. Ideally, of course, leave warm oils overnight. And in the morning, gently rinse with shampoo. But if this option does not suit you, then at least an hour before washing your hair, go with oils and a warm towel.

2. Oil masks become even more nutritious if the yolk of eggs is added to them. You can 2. Mix well and apply for 40 minutes, maybe an hour. Do not stand the night. The egg should not be on the hair so much time.

3. Vitamins. Bottles with oily solutions of vitamins are sold in pharmacies. They are quite inexpensive. Get vitamin E and A. Each take a teaspoon, add vegetable oils to them. You can use wheat germ oil or peach seed oil. These essential oils are rich in essential vitamins. To further activate the growth of curls in the mask, you can add dimexide (quite a bit, half a teaspoon). All this mixture for an hour on the hair. If there is no time, then 20 minutes is enough.

Remember, in one procedure you will not cure burnt hair. And let the advertisements say that in just 1 week you will get rid of all the ailments of your hair, restoring the beauty of burnt hair is hard labor and long work. I’ll have to give a couple of months to make hair, as before. And after recovery, it is worth considering how to handle them so that there is no need to re-treat the hair with a course.

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