How to get perm hair styles?

perm hairstyles 2020-2021

perm hairstyles 2020-2021
perm hairstyles 2020-2021

Perm hair styles are voluminous hair styles that many women want. However, each woman’s hair type is different, and to have a perm hair style, some chemicals and hair may need to be styled.

Chemistry is the only way to make a beautiful hairstyle that is longer than straight, naughty, liquid hair. There are many methods and methods, all of them have advantages and disadvantages. We’re gonna talk about them today.

The most important thing is to find an experienced craftsman who is difficult to do, because there are many hair salons and salons, they are often guided by the comments of friends, but ultimately everyone has different hair and one did well and one was not lucky. Summary – if you decide to do chemistry, be prepared that no matter what the ad promises miracles, your hair will lose its healthy appearance, we understand that it is advertising.

Therefore, after making any chemistry, it is necessary to participate extensively in hair restoration, because in any case their structure is damaged, which leads to fragility, split ends, discoloration. And one more unpleasant nuance – the hair grows again, but the chemistry remains, then you have to do it again, it will do more damage to the already diseased hair or walk with straight roots and chemical remnants, of course you can cut your short hair. Choose you

There are several methods for long-term hair curling.

Acidic – still the most common of our mothers was done in his youth, and lasts for a long time. Do not damage any length, especially fine hair.

Alkali – you will be curly for up to three months, but if you have heavy, hard or very straight hair, as hairdressers say: – maz does not “.

Triglycolic acid is used in combination with an acid wave for damaged hair – this is a gentle method, but the curls last only one month.

Neutral – All of the above drugs are included in the composition.

The amino acid – don’t do it with heavy and thick hair – is useless, but you can try with ordinary ones, it is considered to be the most protective, but not only curls, but waves.

With silk-silk solutions, it peculiarly cares and softens the hair, suitable for all types, large (waves) or small (curls). Hairstyle looks natural.

If the lipid-protein complex LC2 – wavy hair is obtained, if you already have a fiber in your head, this type is better to be used for a long time, then it is better to use this type, because it can regulate moisture and give flexibility, your hair looks healthier.

The safer and harmless the composition, the more expensive it is, but I think it’s better to pay more money than to grind yourself or cut your hair to treat.

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