How to bring hair back after summer

Summer hairstyles 2020

Summer hairstyles 2020
Summer hairstyles 2020

A trip to the sea during summer holidays does not usually result in relaxation and work stress desired from the daily routine. In some cases, this is just a necessity regarding vitamin D supplementation in the body. Especially if you live permanently in the Far North or where there are no sunny days – even in summer. Meanwhile, such a climate is considered the norm in countries such as Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

However, towards the warm south, the white sands closer to the sea breeze and dazzling on the beach, many forget the need for daily protection, not only of the skin but also of the hair. As a result, your hairstyle needs a wide range of procedures to get rid of the destructive effects of wind, sun, sand and sea salt after returning home. What do cosmetologists recommend in such cases? What you need to know?

Some rules for post-summer hair restoration:

The danger of ultraviolet radiation is the negative effect on the structure of each hair as a result of damage to the shell. Hair becomes brittle, weak, loses strength and bleaches. The most vulnerable are considered open shadows because the dark ones are more resistant to such harmful effects due to the high melanin content that acts as a filter. In this case, the brunettes should have no illusions about the brittleness of their hair due to the corresponding color.

First of all, you should pay attention to the presence of a hat. However, the purchase of high-quality cosmetics with regenerating and moisturizing properties that can protect and regenerate hair will not be less important. The best option is to use professional shampoos with special filters to help clean your long hair sand, chlorine and sea salt. For best results, it is also recommended to use recovery masks with powerful filters designed to protect against UV rays.

Unfortunately, despite all your efforts and tricks, the effectiveness of the protective equipment may not be sufficient. The destructive effect of sea salt and sunlight can damage the hair, which can only be fixed in professional hair salons – using special tools. Beauticians recommend treatment complexes that include various manipulations aimed at strengthening weak and soft hairs, restoring the smoothness of their surfaces, and improving the structure itself. Drugs used in such cases affect not only the hair itself, but also the scalp, including the hair follicles. As a result, restorative preparations can directly penetrate hair directly into the hair and reach damaged ends.

Proper protection of hair during the holidays is very important, but in the event of serious damage to the hair, systematic care is required for both the hair and scalp. In the meantime, applying some types of fat, such as coconuts or argan, to all these locations will be one of the most effective ways. Such ingredients have miraculous properties that restore the beauty of the hair and condition of the skin as soon as possible, allowing you to return to their former health.

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