Fashion trends in hairstyles – 2020

Fashion trends in hairstyles – 2020

Fashion trends in hairstyles - 2020
Fashion trends in hairstyles – 2020

In 2020, hairstyles with romantic curls, a parting or a thick bang will be fashionable for long hair. Short haircuts also remain relevant in the new season, but are marked by a transition from a boyish style to a more feminine one.

It is no coincidence that connoisseurs of style and good taste say that the most important thing in appearance is the top and bottom, that is, a successful hairstyle and beautiful shoes. No dress, even a trendy one, can save the image of a girl with unkempt hair, and, on the contrary, even a simple jacket with a skirt will look exquisite if the woman has a neat hairstyle and healthy shiny hair.

Interesting fashionable hairstyles appear annually. You can track new trends by watching several runway shows or by contacting a professional hairdressing salon, where a real master will tell you which hairstyles and haircuts are most relevant now.

In 2020, there was again a tendency to return to the first half of the last century. As you know, everything new has origins in an earlier history. And now, to the delight of lovers of a romantic feminine style, the magnificent curls of the 40s of the XX century have returned. Fashionable hairstyles with glamorous curls require some effort: for high-quality styling you need curlers, a hairdryer or perm. But the resulting image of a feminine beauty with curls will delight both the owner of the hairstyle and the people around her. Many world stars of show business love flowing curls, for example, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

Fashion for bangs has been around for many years. Stylists recommend not to make it rare: that is, either thick smooth, or slightly disheveled. The “thinned” bang makes the face too “simple”, so this option is better not to choose. You can look at photos in magazines that the hairdressing salon offers, and make sure that the straight bangs really enliven the face and make it younger.

In 2020, the zigzag parting is no longer relevant. The stars made their choice in favor of fashionable hairstyles with parting and loose long hair. If you want to get such a styling, you will have to refuse the idea with a bang, because the whole point of a hairstyle with parting is to “open” the face.

Lovers of short haircuts also have reason to be glad. It is in 2020 that they will become especially fashionable. True, unlike the recently up-to-date “boyish” style, more feminine options with longer asymmetrical strands will now be popular.

Bean, popular at all times, remains at the top this year. There is nothing surprising in the fact that fashionable hairstyles still include this haircut in the list of the best. Bob is an attractive haircut, suitable for almost any type of face and looks very elegant.

Choosing one of the most fashionable options for yourself, you should also remember that each woman is unique, and you should not blindly copy the hairstyle of a beloved star or girlfriend. It is better to take as a basis one fashionable style and perform its variation in the hairdressing salon, taking into account the individual characteristics of the face, structure and color of the hair.

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