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On the Internet you can find a lot of information not just about hair and their treatment, but also about cosmetic and therapeutic agents. The main thing here is not to make a mistake when choosing your care system and not get into cheap advertising of low-quality funds.

I will try to answer the frequently asked questions listed below.

  • How can you promote hair growth?
  • How much does hair grow in a month?
  • What grows hair faster?
  • How long does it take to grow hair?
  • How fast does hair grow with biotin?
  • Will biotin thicken my hair?

You should not believe fairy tales about miracle preparations that give growth up to 10 cm. There is simply no such thing and you can quickly get hair by way of extension (but this is very harmful and you can lose your hair).

At home, you can not only improve hair growth (up to a maximum of 3 cm per month), but also give them shine, density and make hair well-groomed and healthy looking.

So, the main tips for growing hair at home:

Firstly, taking pharmacy vitamins.

This is necessary so that the body is saturated with the necessary elements and minerals and receives a daily rate of zinc, calcium and iron. Of course, many girls seriously think that only healthy food will help them in solving this problem, but in fact, you need to eat a few kilograms of nuts a day to get the same rate of iron as in tablets. Therefore, you should not be so categorical and refuse that it really helps to solve the problem of hair growth. By the way, hair grows slowly and if after two days of taking vitamins the result is not yet visible, then you should not immediately panic and stop taking pills. It takes time for the food system to get used to and begin to absorb additional vitamins. In order for the result of taking the pills to be visible, the period must be at least a month. Also, do not immediately take different vitamins. You need to choose one complex and follow the instructions for admission.

Secondly, a head massage.

This is a very useful and effective procedure that gives a good result. You can even massage several times a day, depending on the availability of free time. It is necessary to massage the scalp easily with the fingertips themselves and thus stimulate the flow of blood to the hair. This allows you to wake the so-called sleeping follicles and improve hair growth. Folk grandmother’s treatment is the use of pepper. This is a tincture of pepper on alcohol, which burns strongly, but causes a rush of blood, it can be rubbed after massage or directly during the procedure itself. The result from this will be unambiguous, but it should be understood that tincture of alcohol dries the scalp, so it is better to alternate this procedure with massage oils (you can use any cosmetic hair oil for this). Trichologists advise the use of a special tool for massage procedures – darsonval, but the result of massage with electrodes can also be ambiguous, because for girls with sensitive skin this remedy will be contraindicated.

Hair masks not only accelerate growth, but also affect the appearance, give shine and silkiness. A mask with coffee and honey is very popular. This is a scrub mask (it exfoliates dead cells well and accelerates hair growth due to blood flow). Apply the mask to wet hair, to the scalp itself, massage well and rinse with shampoo. A mask based on mayonnaise, burdock and castor oils gives the hair shine and makes it a little heavier, thus adding density. The mask is oily and therefore it must be washed off thoroughly. You can use ampoule masks. This is a mixture of B vitamins, vitamin E and peach seed oil or jojoba oil. Such a mask makes the hair silky and more docile. You can also use pharmacy products to improve hair growth. This is a capsiol mask. The product consists of natural oils and medications, it should be applied to the hair and rubbed into the scalp. The result will be visible after a course of application. Masks-sprays have a lighter texture and do not so much mess the hair as ordinary home masks, in addition, they can be carried with you and applied to the hair at any time.

Thirdly, nicotinic acid + aloe juice

If you need to grow hair very quickly, then a procedure similar to hair mesotherapy will help in this (from it, too, the growth of new hairs begins very quickly and dormant bulbs wake up). This is a course of treatment with nicotinic acid and aloe juice. The result from the application is simply amazing. Every day in the morning and in the evening you need to rub the skin first, an ampoule of nicotinic acid, then an ampoule of red juice and so twice a day. After a course of treatment, the hair will become more well-groomed and stronger due to the nutrition of the scalp, new hairs will appear and the hair will shine with a natural shine.

Hair care is not difficult, you just need to find time and devote it to yourself and your health. After all, to be beautiful and feminine is the main goal of every self-respecting woman.

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