Hair is an indicator of our health

Healty hair style and hair colors

healthy hair
healthy hair

You can have healthy hair, beautiful and shiny hair. It’s a real pleasure to look at them and touch them. If the hair does not get sick, it is strong and inseparable and the scalp does not know any dandruff problems. When we get stressed, the hair darkens significantly. When we got sick or just didn’t eat right, we started smoking, didn’t sleep well, abused alcohol, and applied to physical exercises much less.

Women’s hair is at risk during spring, pregnancy and when you have to breastfeed your baby. And if we’re not sick yet and the body is working for wear (working hard to make money, it’s hard to get extra hours), the hair reacts immediately – it becomes brittle and shed in much larger quantities. And do not expose your hair to severe frost and direct sunlight to prevent it from being shattered less.

If you have worn a panama hat or straw hat during your holiday, it is impossible to note how soft the hair is. Now they shine with their beauty and there is no difficulty in creating style. Especially after a proper rest, pixie short hair is formed much earlier!

Hair requires daily care. But before you start, you need to know exactly what kind of hair you have, what disadvantages it has. Girls, remember labor lessons. What kind of hair? It’s not just light or dark. First of all, this is normal hair. If you are less lucky, you will have fragile, oily or problematic hair.

Hair follicles (hair follicles) are located in the depth of the skin, scalp should also be paid attention. That is, the healthier the scalp, the fewer problems the hair will have. Please note that you cannot come to the hairdresser with unwashed hair. If the scalp is sweating well, it means that the hair is dirty and starts to emit an unpleasant odor. What to do in this case? To wash!

If your head sweats often, you should wash it more often, because the dust is more likely to concentrate on this feature. As a result, the hair becomes sticky to the touch and their appearance is very uncomfortable. Moreover, the powder contains a large amount of microorganisms that we do not need.

The living part of the hair is under the skin. The hair gets the nutrients they need. What we see with the naked eye is the dead part of the hair. Although more beautiful.

Why don’t moms and grandmothers recommend us to dye luxurious hair? Because under the influence of chemistry the hair loses its protective layer. What’s more, the unique original color given to you in nature is lost. And don’t forget that the curling iron will damage them.

Scientifically, as one gets older, their hair is darker than at birth. However, hair color does not change in albinos. Since it is pure white, it will remain the same until death. We inherit hair thickness, oil content and fluctuation.

If the hair starts to tangle, this is an unhealthy sign. Urgent need to treat them! It doesn’t shine straight as curly hair. Healthy hair is also elastic hair. If you meet a girl with a scalpel around her waist, her hair has been growing for over six years. We believe that we will soon become bald if we notice rapid hair loss due to hormonal failure or stress. In fact, even a hundred hairs lost a day are the norm! And since not everyone is able to treat hair independently, it is best to consult an experienced trichologist.

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