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  • repair damaged hair

    Tools to repair damaged hair

    repair damaged hair

    Hair is the first person to respond to existing health problems. The first step in solving the problem is the elimination of traumatic factors and the second is the restoration of damaged hair. The choice depends on the options available for the implementation of certain procedures. Let’s focus more specifically on this. More affordable cosmetics. […] More

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  • hairstyles for indian women 2020-2021

    Indian Hair Loss Recipes 2020

    hairstyles for indian women 2020-2021

    Hair loss can occur due to a number of factors, such as an unbalanced diet, medications, thyroid problems, stress, poor care, and others. If you timely respond to this problem, you can improve the quality of hair and stimulate their growth. In this article, we will reveal some Indian secrets that help with hair loss, […] More

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  • How to repair damaged hair

    How to repair damaged hair

    How to repair damaged hair?

    In our quest for beauty, we regularly damage our appearance. Our hair is particularly affected. Frequent styling, curling, drying, hair straightening, hair coloring are then black and then blond. All these manipulations cause great damage to the hair. We break the structure of the hair inside. They start to look lifeless, dull. Let’s talk about […] More

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  • Hair Loss

    What Vitamins to Drink for Hair Loss

    Hair Loss 2020

    When hair regrowth or maintaining a healthy appearance bothers the girl, she begins to wonder what vitamins should be drunk during hair loss, what to eat and drink to stop their loss. Normally, a person should lose hair daily. Only their number should not exceed 100 per day. Although it is better that this figure […] More

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  • hair washing 2020

    9 secrets of correct hair washing

    Secrets of correct hair washing 2020

    Every girl believes she knows the answer. In fact, there are a few secrets that will help improve your appearance considerably. Are you ready to discover the secrets of washing hair together? 9 secrets of correct hair washing 1) The finer the hair, the faster it will remove dirt and dust from the area. Therefore, […] More

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  • short hair 2020

    Fashion haircuts for short hair 2020

    short hair 2020

    A correctly selected short haircut will help to highlight individuality that is not worse than long hair. The 2020 season offers absolutely classic style hair styles and hair styles that can create a slightly provocative or even shocking look. Among the leading trends, attention should be paid to the idea of ​​volume and asymmetry, which […] More

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  • hair repair

    How to restore burnt hair

    2020 hair repair

    Restoring burnt hair helps restore its beauty and healthy appearance. It happens that they bought a new paint, overexposed. And as a result, the hair became dry, lifeless. Real haystack. Stick out in all directions. And no irons help to return them to the “system” of smooth and straight hair. In addition to paints, hair […] More

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  • hair strong

    How to make hair strong?

    hair strong 2020

    According to statistics, every third client of a beauty salon complains of weak dull hair, split ends, lack of shine and elasticity. Note that only 10% of them “inherited” such a state from nature. 90% of people with their own hands made their curls lose their former vitality. What is the reason? Can hair be […] More

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  • How to make your hair

    How to make your hair beautiful and well-groomed?

    How to make your hair?

    We often look at fashion magazines and look at the models’ soft, shiny, sparkling hair. It seems that having such beautiful, well-groomed hair is not realistic. Without salon procedures and expensive branded care products is impossible. However, by following simple rules, you can greatly improve the condition of your hair and come one step closer […] More

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  • hairstyles for women

    5 great haircuts to help you look thinner

    Great haircuts for women 2020-2021

    Haircuts are important for every woman. If chosen correctly, it plays an important role in its appearance: you cannot really look good until you find a haircut invented for yourself. The haircut has been proven to not only look thinner, but also make it look younger. For example, if God has gained more general dimensions, […] More

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  • hair coloring 2020

    Fashion trends of hair coloring 2020

    hair coloring 2020

    Since ancient times, women have resorted to different ways to change their image. Of great importance was the hairstyle of a woman, and in particular the color of her hair. Women in ancient times dyed their hair with basma or henna, which emphasized their status. Today, women are forced to dye their hair due to […] More

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  • Summer hairstyles 2020

    How to bring hair back after summer

    Summer hairstyles 2020

    A trip to the sea during summer holidays does not usually result in relaxation and work stress desired from the daily routine. In some cases, this is just a necessity regarding vitamin D supplementation in the body. Especially if you live permanently in the Far North or where there are no sunny days – even […] More

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